Hornets Found In Bristol

Hornets in Bristol

Get Rid Of European Hornets Nests in Bristol

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European Hornets (Vespa crabro) is the UK’s most magnificent insect predator and Britains largest native species of paper wasp.

Plenty has been spoken and reported about these amazing insects, but probably the most memorable feature is their sound! The incredible buzz created when they are in flight is never forgotten.

European Hornets are also 20% bigger than the Asian Hornet discovered near Bristol in 2016.

Removal of nests takes only 20-30 minutes. Professional control is fast because the pesticide dust used is very effective. Complete cessation of activity, too and from the nest, takes around an hour. 

We can usually be on site within 24 hours or much sooner in an emergency. If you have any questions, please call for advice.

Are Hornets Nests Dangerous?

Yes – these huge wasps are very dangerous if disturbed intentionally or by accident. You will not outrun them.

The sting of a native hornet is reported as being less hazardous than those of smaller wasps. The big difference with a hornet’s sting is the severe level of pain it causes. The depth of skin penetration is greater and the pain receptor activation is greater.

Managing a sting is sometimes as simple as using an Aspivenin extraction tool or a cold compress. On occasion, a much more serious condition can develop called anaphylactic Shock. Always be prepared to call 999 for the emergency services if you have serious concerns. 

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