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The European Hornet (Vespa crabro) is one of the UK’s most magnificent insect predators and the largest of Britains paper wasps. Native European Hornets are also 20% bigger than the Asian Hornet discovered near Bristol in 2016.

Are Hornets Dangerous?

Yes, like all paper wasps – they are dangerous if disturbed intentionally or by accident. The sting of a hornet is reported to be less hazardous than those of smaller wasps.

The big difference with a hornet’s sting is the severe level of pain it causes.

Will Hornets Chase You?

Yes, hornets have excellent abilities when tracking prey or threats. We had one instance where they chased a man and his son for 150 yards. 

The moment you break the invisible flight path these insects use to access and egress the nest, you become a threat and a target. 

For the first 60 seconds, you will be buzzed by them, but at any moment you could be attacked.

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